Affordable Health Insurance Coverage Tips

Is there such a thing as affordable health insurance coverage anymore? It seems that the costs of healthcare insurance have completely knocked a lot of people out of consideration for buying a policy. I was speaking to a family member recently that stated he was paying over $800.00 a month for himself, his wife and three kids. I’ve seen even higher costs, a lot higher, depending upon where you live.

There really aren’t a whole lot of options for those individuals and families that are uninsured. Veteran’s can visit any Veteran’s Administration Hospital and be treated for free. They would be billed if they have medical insurance, but they are not denied care. If they’re not on service connected disability of at least 50% compensation then they’ll have to pay a small co-pay for prescription drugs. I believe that this currently costs around $8.00 per prescription.

Uninsured families can usually get some type of assistance from the state that they live in as long as they’re under a certain income bracket. Of course, this depends upon each individual state. Most states will offer assistance for children at least.

It’s not easy for most people without affordable health insurance coverage, but my suggestion is that they continue to obtain free health insurance quotes, try managing their budget as tightly as possible and hoping that an affordable plan comes along for them. There are several places to get free health insurance quotes online. I recommend that you take the time to get several of these and see what you can come up with that’s within your budget. Good luck!

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